Minasan, konnichiwa! Chika desu♪
Hey guys! My name is Chika. Thanks for visiting my channel :)

For those of you who have been to Japan or know a little bit about Japan, you probably found it a pretty unique country.

The weird snacks, the crazy electronics, the long lines in front of the ramen shops, the cosplayers walking around Harajuku to name a few.
But that’s just pop culture and only the very surface of what we have to offer. Through this channel, I hope to bring you a layer deeper.

It shouldn’t just end with “wow, Japan’s a weird country” – because it’s weirdness is rooted in something much more.
Having grown up in the US, there’s a lot I don’t know about Japan, but I’ve taken interest in discovering this unique country of mine and I hope to share all of my finding with you :)