Does Sexism Exist in Japan? (Teens/Early 20s Interview)

Does Sexism Exist in Japan? (Teens/Early 20s Interview)

Japan ranks 114th out of the 144 countries ranked by the Global Economic Forum in terms of gender equality. Is the Sexism so bad? Let’s ask the youth in Japan about that.

Big thanks to all the interviewees for sharing their thoughts.

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  1. I heard one guy in this video say “Men and women are biologically different, so they need different things in their life” or something along these lines, and I personally lean towards this opinion the most. Problems and issues people face vary from male to female, so I think ‘men-only’ or ‘women-only’ things/places should not be considered as sexist because most of the times, such things are created to solve or try to prevent certain problems that only one gender face. That’s perfectly fine. However, we need to be careful about this. We have to make sure neither men nor women get more privileges to make it fair. That’s how I see things should be. You are free to comment if you agree or disagree with me, I want to explore both sides.

    • Both sexes have their own purpose and function, especially since the Industrial Revolution. Erasure of different roles, i.e men being the head and defender of the family (and nation) and primary earners, and women being the head of the household and mothers would lead to disintegration of the family unit. There is no need to make anything more equal or fair, as both sexes has an entirely unique set of roles and circumstances. The inequality comes in when you attempt to give women the functions of a man, or vice versa. If the respective roles of each sex is not infringed upon by another, only then will you see harmony between sexes

  2. Jeez I still can’t believe the girls with blue hair said the truth and it still surprises me

  3. We’ll talk about sexism when Japanese women stop abusing their kids.

  4. Foreigners

  5. Theres a very high asian population where I live (Japanese, Korean) and almost hands down all of the asian people that I meet are more egalitarian and just…. idk respectful and nice. It doesnt feel like men vs women like it does with many americans. I’m just guessing, but I feel like its probably that way more in Japan and perhaps south Korea whereas everything is so incredibly polarized here. One wrong move and youre sexist, or youre a SJW snowflake. It really has gotten pretty insane here.

  6. and here I am, wishing the government of my country install only-female trains so I can stop being sexually harassed…

  7. It’s actually the same just the women don’t complain as much as they do in the west

  8. The girl @2:15 please give me her number Nobita!

  9. Does sexism exist in Japan… smh Hell yeah it does.

    The whole culture and mind set is heavily based on it.

    • And what are you going to do about that 白左?

  10. Feminism sucks⚽️⚽️⚽️

  11. The red circle in the Japanese flag stands for red pill.

  12. kind a like most of the comment are from people who don’t resides in Japan, try to asked middle aged women, not only on their 20’s or 30’s and you will know

  13. I’m 17 and I look 14

    Damn feels good to be short

  14. There is no such thing as a country without sexism or racism. And why does it happen? Because prejudice is actually really good, healthy and helps keeping one’s integrity. The man should always be above woman because most great things in history were accomplished by men, not women. Besides, it’s written in the Bible that wives should obey to their husbands, it’s just God’s will. The same goes for racism, it’s no wonder that most prisons are overflowing with black people, not white. Therefore, prejudice is good to protect people.

    There is a reason for everything in this world and the wise man answer is to ACCEPT. Just accept that it hurts less and be grateful to God for being this way.

  15. Girl: Japan is conservative instead of America’s progressivism, that’s a down side.
    Bitch that’s a plus. Progressives have done nothing but ruin western cultures.

  16. I’m starting to think that even in your own country u can say a country is this or that because depending on the place the culture can be so very different. I don’t think countries have one type of culture I think there has always been different cultures in the same country.

    Culture by coast isn’t the same as cultures inland. Cultures in the city isn’t the same as culture in the countryside. Cultures from immigrants are different from the culture of their homeland and sometimes depending on how its formed their culture is different from the country they immigrated to at the same time.

    We all need to stop generalizing and be thoughtful when spreading the same solutions widely like the problem is the same or at the same level.

  17. overall i find these videos great to see instead of just reading articles about the topic. it seems because of the different people and specific sections in an area, you’ll find parts that are very fair and other places that are just the worst.