Japanese Girl On Living in South Korea

Japanese Girl On Living in South Korea

A big thanks to こりあゆ for sharing us her own thoughts.

■Her Japanese blog (こりあゆぶろぐ):

■Her YouTube channel (韓国ブロガーこりあゆ/코리아유):

Her opinion expressed in this video does not reflect the views of me or all the Japanese people.

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  1. Nobita, I applaud you for this particular series.

    I have to say that your guest is quite pretty, and I think she represented the points well, with respect. The example of the elderly lady using her hand as the support in the train was hilarious to imagine.

    I think the similarities between Japanese and Koreans come from your common philosophical and religious backgrounds and influences over the centuries and millennia.

  2. Kawaii

  3. I know in my part of the u.s if you’re asked what you would like to eat and you say you’re fine with whatever you might not like what you get if you get anything at all

  4. You’re so super awesome for doing all these videos

  5. Someday I’ll be traveling to both countries and stay long enough to experience both cultures and foods.

    By the way, I’m a HUGE fan of the Korean Netflix series “Kingdom”, can’t wait for season 2.
    Check it out people, you won’t be disappointed!

  6. Amazingly Beautiful Girl!

  7. 4:47 she is right. despite all the quarrel between korea and japan, they are closely related in ethnicity and culture.

  8. I think in general the differences between Korea and Japan become a lot smaller if you have lived there or have visited both countries.
    In my country (the Netherlands) Korean and Japanese people become really aware of the fact that there are more similarities between them than differences and are often friends and sort of group together a little bit. I guess the rightwing groups and the main media as well often point out the negatives and thus the differences of eachother.
    Koriayu is spot on between the differences btw. Very good video.

  9. @Nickie Putra
    pa yg mntp-mntp? x mntp lngsg.

  10. Very true about becoming a member of a group or community. She has actually taken on a very girlish Korean look as well.

  11. Woman in korea getting spycam even in public toilet

  12. I just had a crush on that girl, I mean nothing negative . im from india , NAGALAND.. and we look alike dont believe rit search it

  13. Ah….this is the Nobita I remember. No crazy vids towards black people in America. Thank for staying the course.

    • Fuck off I loved his vids about how retarded black people are. It needs to be said they are a real problem in my country and it needs to be talked about.

  14. the whole ” korea crime , scary place to visit ” is a device (propaganda) made by Japanese right wing & spread to japanese media (such as yahoo japan) in order to prevent Japanese tourist going to korea out of fear, since they’ are very anti korean

    • Japanese media is right-wing? I guess i need to move there. I wonder that there is still a place without cnn fake garbage

  15. South Korean are lovely, specially if you’re on the train as a foreign and sitting between 2 koreans elders and magically they banished from you and sit in another place,.also how healthy they spit on floors in any place and the way the stares me all the time like a was a wird animal from some circus…so lovely kansamnida !

  16. I love my adopted country, her people, religion, traditions & culture. KOREANS, PLEASE NEVER CHANGE!

  17. It takes time to make tomodachi with kankokujin but the elders take longer.

  18. I wish she was my wife 🙁

    • she deserve more haha

    • oof

  19. I want to see Nobita with a mustache =))
    Example here: https://imgur.com/ZJ5kf29

  20. How to view Koreans: good for nothing dog eaters! Who make inferior cars, inferior electronics and animation. Also their language sounds like shit hitting the floor.