Tokyo’s Maguro Sushi Set, the A5 Wagyu Steak of the Sea ★ ONLY in JAPAN

Tokyo's Maguro Sushi Set, the A5 Wagyu Steak of the Sea ★ ONLY in JAPAN

Maguro (Tuna) Sushi is best eaten in Japan, of course, and no place is fresher than Tsukiji Market ー but wait! The tuna auction has moved to Toyosu 3km / 1.8mi down the road and Tsukiji market is closed, right? Not exactly. Tsukiji’s inner market (where the main fish market was located) is gone but the outer market is open where some of the best sushi shops in Tokyo still exist! One of them is Sushi Zanmai, my favorite chain shop where price meets quality for an excellent everyday sushi fix. Joining me to rate the maguro sushi is Mikey Chen from Strictly Dumpling who is having sushi for the first time. Before trying it at the high end places, it’s best to try it here.

The costs of Maguro sushi at Sushi Zanmai (Menu)
▶︎ Otoro (fatty Tuna) 421 yen ($4.00) each
▶︎ Aburitoro (blow torched fatty tuna) 421 yen ($4.00) each
▶︎ Chutoro (mid fatty level) 329 yen ($3.00) each
▶︎ Akami (lean red tuna) 218 yen (2.00) each
▶︎ Negitoro (minced tuna wrap with green onions) $2.50

Thank you to Mikey Chen for collaborating with me. We ate A LOT!
Check out his version of our sushi adventure in Tsukiji coming on Tuesday.

▶︎ Where is Sushi Zanmai?
They have many locations around Japan, especially Tokyo but the main shop is located in Tsukiji’s Outer Market. (Note: there are several Sushi Zanmai shops here but I recommend the main shop called “honten”)