Eating a $200 Square Watermelon ★ ONLY in JAPAN

Eating a $200 Square Watermelon ★ ONLY in JAPAN

It’s now square watermelon season in Japan and that means you’ll see them displayed in shop windows — most not for sale! But why?
Every now and then a shop will sell one, usually for $200 (¥20,000) or more and when they do, you shouldn’t eat it. But why?

So many questions! The truth is that these watermelons were harvested unripe for a reason. To learn about it, check out the Square Watermelon Farming episode I made:
I went to the farm and interviewed the family who invented them 40 years ago.

How Much are Square Watermelons really?
You can buy them from the farms for about ¥8000 ($80) but they are so rare that shops add on to that price. The stripes should be straight and the corners should be well formed.

Where do Square Watermelons come from?
Zentsuji city in Kagawa, Japan (Shikoku Island)
They’ve patented the process and trademarked the brand

I also ate one with my friends WHAT’S INSIDE last month!