Going To Driving School in Japan! (Getting A Japanese Driver’s License!)

Going To Driving School in Japan! (Getting A Japanese Driver's License!)

The secret is out! I’m getting my full driver’s license in Japan!

新着情報一覧 | 福岡県自動車学校

I’ve been going to Fukuoka Prefectural Driving School to get my license and it’s actually a lot of fun!? I don’t know why I waited so long to get this done.

I’ve always had a fear of driving and I was really worried I’d never pass in Japanese… (Okay I haven’t technically taken any exams yet so I can’t say I haven’t failed yet but) I was actually super relieved to know they have English textbooks and the tests can be taken in English too.

The actual classes are all in Japanese though so I haven’t decided which language I’m going to take the tests in, but now that I’m actually going to the school I feel way more confident. Driving on the school course is so boring. I want to get out on the real roads. 😮

What’s getting a driver’s license like in your country? ;o

Special thanks to Fukuoka-ken Jidosha Gakko for allowing me to shoot when most people aren’t supposed to be/allowed to be shooting. I really really really appreciate everybody allowing me to share this experience!


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