Jennifer’s Summer Vacation Vlog July 12 🏡

Jennifer’s Summer Vacation Vlog July 12 🏡

Hello from Massachusetts, USA! I’m back home. Let me show you some of my souvenirs from Hawaii and teach you a few useful expressions.

right up your alley = If something is right up your alley, then the activity is one that you enjoy very much. Visiting a gift shop is right up my alley. 🙂

travel light = If you travel light, you don’t pack much. You don’t take a lot of things with you. My husband likes to travel light. He packs few clothes and doesn’t buy any souvenirs.

spend a fortune (on something) = If you spend a fortune, you spend a lot of money. I buy a lot of souvenirs, but I don’t spend a fortune on them. I look for a good deal!

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