Jennifer’s Summer Vacation Vlog July 3 🐎

Jennifer’s Summer Vacation Vlog July 3 🐎

Oh no! Another incident during my travels. Guess what I lost!
See photos from the ranch ride.
Sorry that my finger got in the way sometimes! Argh. I’m learning to live stream without a tripod or selfie stick.

spotty = used to describe an inconsistent phone signal, as in “the signal is spotty”

dismount = to get off one’s horse

trail ride = a group ride on horseback, usually with one horse following the other

(It’s) like the pot calling the kettle black. = A saying we use when one person is criticizing another for an action or behavior that both are equally guilty of.

pay in installments = pay small amounts for a product or service that you cannot afford to pay for in full at one time

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