Speaking English ||| Get the results you need from a master teacher!

Speaking English ||| Get the results you need from a master teacher!

Speaking English is fun and easy with this real-life American English video! You’ll come along with me as I play a game with my family and meet my parents. You get lots of English speaking practice along the way, and you’ll learn lots of detailed vocabulary pronunciation too! When you’re learning about speaking English, there’s no better way than to practice with native speakers. That’s what this video is all about!

You will be speaking English and listening to me and my family as you watch this video. That’s what leads to superior results! I’ll help you practice as we go and show you the precise pronunciation of many difficult words. When we use IPA to teach pronunciation you can hear and repeat the English conversation as many times as you need to in order to master the content. You can watch the video as often as you’d like! Speaking English conversation can be so much fun when you learn it step-by-step and that’s what Rachel’s English is the master of.

Speaking English becomes interesting and much easier when you speak English with native speakers in a natural context. This kind of real-life English conversation practice is how babies and toddlers learn their own native language and it’s the best way for you to get speaking English practice! Learn to speak English naturally and in-context…just as easily as a young language learner!

In this speaking English conversation video you’ll play a board game with me and my parents. We have a lot of fun as we’re playing and we use many idioms and vocabulary words. I’ll break them all down for you and analyze the pronunciation so that you can sound more like a native speaker. This allows you to absorb the way we’re speaking English and gives you a great opportunity to use this video as a full-on speaking English lesson. Simply rewind and repeat each word or phrase as many times as you need to in order to feel confident and comfortable. When you approach your speaking English practice in this way you’ll gain mastery much faster than by simply repeating vocabulary words aloud. When you learn pronunciation, vocabulary and conversation in the context of a real-life conversation you’ll be at the head of the class! Let your ear do the work: simply re-watch and repeat each word or phrase as often as necessary—repeat the practice until your ear tells you “Yes! That’s the sound that matches the voice on the video.” Our ears are a powerful connection to our brain and my entire method is built on the belief that you can make substantial progress by relying on your ears’ innate wisdom!

I hope you enjoy this speaking English video. Get lots of practice by going over and over the parts that are difficult for you and you’ll find that your English conversation skills will be much improved!

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