REMEMBER ANYTHING with the Memory Palace Method

REMEMBER ANYTHING with the Memory Palace Method

There is a lot of memorization that goes into learning a new skill, and learning English is no exception. In this lesson, I will teach you a useful strategy that will help you memorize and remember almost anything. It’s called the “memory palace”, and you can start using it today. I will show you the three keys to making the memory palace work for you. You will learn how to make associations to help your brain remember not only words, but also their specific order. The memory palace will help you remember all sorts of material in any subject. Make the memory palace a regular part of your study routine, and see how much your memory improves. I will give you exercises to challenge your memory in the quiz at

1. How to use MIND MAPS to REMEMBER everything you read:

3 tricks for learning English – prepositions, vocabulary, structure

2. How to use your dictionary to improve your VOCABULARY:

3 tricks for learning English – prepositions, vocabulary, structure


Silicon Valley, security of the internet, aerospace, holter, capital inflation, ambitious… Oh, how am I going to remember all this vocabulary? This is so much to… I have an idea. Hold on a second. Excuse me, guys, I have to get a book. Where did I put…? Ah, there it is. A long time ago-hey, E, we’re going to get to you in a second-I had a trouble remembering vocabulary for something I was studying, and it was so difficult, and I thought: “I know, my favourite hero is, like, Sherlock Holmes, and he has what’s called a memory palace, and I think that’s why E did this. He said: “I’m a king. Where is my palace?” Today we’re going to work on a memory palace. For you it might be more, like, a memory house or a memory room, but as your memory gets better and better, we can make it from a room to a house to a palace. A palace is a house where a king lives or a queen lives, and is huge with many, many rooms and you can do many, many things. And after I show you this method, you will figure out that you might want to start with just a room, but from there you can go from a room to a house to a workspace, like your business place or workplace, to a palace because as long as you can remember the room, you can remember vocabulary. And today we’re going to have some fun because I’m going to do… Well, we’re going to go step by step and do this together. I’m going to ask you to do a couple of things, you’ll do them and you’re going to find that your memory has increased incredibly. And we can do it for many, many things. So you guys ready? I’ll take a look here. Let’s get started.

What do you need? Okay, you just need to right now sit down. I’m going to ask you to focus in a second or two, and then you just need to laugh. So if something’s funny, laugh, have fun with it, and then we’re going to see how much vocabulary you have. So the first thing I’m going to do is give you eight words. Number one: “bacon”. Number two: “ball”. Number three: “banana”. Number four: “fish”. Number five: “monkey”. Number six: “Mr. E”. All right, Mr. E. Number seven: “rat”. And number eight: “dog”. Got it? Cool. Now, what I want you to do is tell me all eight of those words. I’m waiting. I’m listening. Go. Go for it. In order. In order. Did you get all of the words? If so, good for you, you have a remarkable memory. You don’t need me, turn off the video, go somewhere else. No, you better stay, because still can help you with more words than this. I’m just showing you eight because we have a limited time. Now, some people if they’ve done that exercise before, they’ll go: “Oh, I recognize this”, but don’t worry about it. So, if you didn’t do well, maybe you got four words or five words, but they weren’t in order, you got them all over…

Let me give you the words again, but this time I’m going to ask you to join me and do something, and I bet you can know all the words and you can even tell me the words out of order. Okay? So, let’s do this again. But this time… And here’s the trick: You have to really put the idea in your head when I give it to you. Okay? You can’t just go: “Okay, okay.” You have to actually see it. Okay? And when I say laugh, I mean if it’s funny make it crazy as heck, make it crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy in your head. All right? So let’s do the first one.

I want you to imagine you’re coming to a door. Okay? You come to a door, you open the door, and just before you open the door you see a piece of bacon, and the bacon’s running from the bottom of the door, going: “Oh my god! Help me! Help me!” It’s running out the door as fast as it can. It goes in fast motion, it runs out the door, and you’re like: “Whoa! Look at that bacon run out the door. […]