What Happened In Japan After The Tsunami?

What Happened In Japan After The Tsunami?

In March 2011 a devastating tsunami destroyed the coastline of north Japan. These are the stories of five people living in the shadow of the recovery and how they’re breathing new life into the region.

►► The people we met in this video:

1) The “Questrel” Guitar
► https://www.questrel.jp/en/index.html

2) Damborghini Official Website
► http://damborghini.com/en

3.Fisherman Japan Official Webisite
► https://fishermanjapan.com/

4) K-Port
► https://goo.gl/maps/UJCz5ATYyJC2

A great article about K-Port
(Rocket NewsのK-Portに関する記事)
► https://en.rocketnews24.com/2015/01/23/mr-sato-and-yoshio-visit-a-cafe-that-receives-a-daily-letter-from-actor-ken-watanabe/

5) Kesennuma travel guide
► https://kesennuma-love.com/

Check out Nishant’s blog
► http://nishant-jp.net/ja/

6) Minshuku (Farmer’s guest house) “Tsunakan”
► http://moriyasuisan.com/english/