Hi we went to Thailand | NOT VLOGMAS #5

Hi we went to Thailand | NOT VLOGMAS #5

Sorry for the delayed update! I was so bad at shooting while we were in Thailand that I really struggled to edit this one. (Actually, Tatsu got sick with heavy bronchitis and we had to stay in, so we didn’t end up leaving our Airbnb very much at all!)

We spent Christmas in Thailand and we had a great time! It’s very easy to fly to Bangkok from Fukuoka, and if your dates are flexible it’s possible to fly for cheap rates as well. We flew during Christmas, which is peak tourist season, and it was only $450 per ticket.

Once you GET to Bangkok, hotels, food, transport, are all very cheap, so it was an affordable getaway for us and we had a nice time eating, lounging, and exploring. 🙂

How did you spend your holidays?