LIVE English Lesson – 17th Dec 2017 – Christmas is coming – Grammar – Bad TV – Idioms – Mr Duncan

LIVE English Lesson – 17th Dec 2017 – Christmas is Coming – Grammar – Bad TV – Idioms – Mr Duncan

Learning English with Mr Duncan. Sunday 17th December 2017. Another Live English lesson. Just 8 days left before Christmas. What do you want from Santa? Give me your wish list and who knows, you might just get what you want. As long as you’ve been good…and not naughty! We have the mystery idioms, Mr Steve, and a game to play…which involves removing the first or last letter from a word to crate a new word. Talking of words…Oxford Dictionary has announced the word of the year. Do you know what it is? Also, what action has been banned on the live stream Chinese internet? Mr Steve will give you a demonstration…LIVE! You are welcome to join in as well on the live chat.

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