Practice with Uncountable Nouns – English Grammar with JenniferESL

Practice with Uncountable Nouns – English Grammar with JenniferESL

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0:01 Introduction: error correction task
2:14 Title
Review of the seven guidelines and practice exercises.
2:24 #1 There are different names for nouns we can’t count.
2:57 #2 Uncountable nouns take a singular verb.
4:15 #3 Some nouns have both an uncountable and countable meaning.
5:34 #4 Uncountable nouns usually have a general or abstract meaning. Countable nouns are more specific (more concrete).
7:09 #5 One way to help us identify uncountable nouns is to learn the common categories they belong to.
8:33 #6 We can use quantifying words and phrases to make uncountable nouns countable.
10:21 #7 Don’t confuse uncountable nouns with collective nouns.
11:56 Lesson ending

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LINK to Next Generation Grammar 3 (Vittorio, P. and Lebedev, J.) and the 4-level hybrid series
The appendix has rich information on uncountable, countable, and collective nouns.

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