Stop procrastinating and start learning!

Stop procrastinating and start learning!

Do spend time on Facebook or Instagram when you should be studying? Do you clean your desk when you have a test the next day? Do you get distracted when you have something important to do? Most people have a hard time concentrating and focusing on their work and studies. This leads to stress and a lot of wasted time. In this video, I’ll talk about what causes procrastination, and share the best scientific research on how to overcome it. If you learn even one thing from this video, you’ll become a better learner and get so much more done. I’ve been using these tips in my own life, and want to share these secrets for success!



Hello. My name is Emma, and I have a question for you. I want you to imagine this. Imagine you have a big English test that’s going to happen very soon. What do you do? Okay? And I want you to be honest. Do you open up your book and study right away, and every day study for your test? Do you think about your test, feel a little bit sad and maybe go on Facebook? Do you, instead of studying, text your friends? Or do you think about studying, but instead just watch TV? Okay, a lot of students will say that they open up their book and study, but in reality a lot of people don’t do this. A lot of people before tests or presentations or work get really, really nervous, and they do something different. Okay? They don’t want to do the studying, they don’t want to do the hard work, they’re really afraid to do it so instead they do something like go on Facebook, call their friends, go to the mall. Okay? These are all examples, two, three, and four that is… These three are examples of procrastination. Okay?

So, “procrastination” is maybe a new word for you, but it’s a very, very important word if you are a student or, you know, even if you work. It’s actually an important word for everybody because most people procrastinate. So what does procrastination mean? Well, it’s when you have something you have to do, but instead of doing what you have to do, you do something else that’s more fun, and you keep thinking: “I’ll come back to this”, but you’re very busy with these other things.

So let’s look at some examples of the word procrastination. We have it as a verb, an action: “I am procrastinating.” Because I’m not studying, I’m on Facebook, I’m procrastinating. “I’m not studying. I procrastinate a lot.” Here we have another verb form. Okay? “I procrastinate a lot”, which means: I don’t study, I don’t do my English homework; instead, I spend a lot of time texting my friends and doing anything but English. I can also use it as a noun: “My procrastination is really bad.” Okay? My procrastination is bad. I have a problem with procrastination. So this means I have a problem getting stuff done because I don’t really want to do it, I’d rather focus on doing Facebook or something else. Or we can also have it as a noun to say what we are. “I’m a procrastinator.” A procrastinator is a person. Okay? So I’m a teacher, that’s a person. When I was in university sometimes I was a procrastinator. This means before any big test or presentation I’d start working on it, and then I’d do something else because I’m a procrastinator. Okay? So let’s… We’re going to talk about why people procrastinate, and then we’re going to talk about how to fight procrastination. Okay? Because it’s something we all need to fight.

Okay, so why do people procrastinate? That’s a very good question. Okay? So, different people procrastinate for different reasons, but usually a lot of the times people have the same reasons for procrastinating. People procrastinate when they think something is difficult. Okay? So for me I find math difficult, so when I used to do math I would procrastinate and I would do something else like, you know, make a sandwich or clean my room even because the math seemed so difficult to me, anything was better than doing the math. So I would always get distracted. A lot of people find English grammar difficult, and when they’re studying grammar a lot of the times they procrastinate, they text their friends or they, you know, do anything but grammar. Boring. A lot of people procrastinate when something is boring. They don’t want to do it because it’s… You know, they want to do something interesting. People procrastinate when something is a lot of work. Okay? And they know it’s a lot of work, so they look at the task and it’s just too much, so then they want to feel good, so they do something else. A lot of people also procrastinate just because they’re scared or they’re afraid. They want to do something well, and they don’t think that they can so it well, so you know… Or, you know, they’re worried about making mistakes, so a lot of the times people procrastinate because of fear.