Year Old Sushi Eating Challenge ★ ONLY in JAPAN

Stinky Sushi Eating Challenge: One Year in a Bucket ★ ONLY in JAPAN

If you think day old sushi is bad, try YEAR OLD SUSHI! That’s exactly what Funazushi is, a local delicacy still made in the traditional way, the recipe dating back over 1000 years. With Japanese, it’s notoriously sour, totally evil tasting and the smell … ? Well, that’s what I’m here to find out. In this episode, I will try to conquer my fears and eat some very old fermented sushi to see if this famous food lives up to its reputation as being Japan’s grossest.

Funazushi is part of the Narezushi category of sushi, the other category being Hayazushi.
Let me explain. Hayazushi is the sushi we know today, a piece of raw fish on top of vinegar rice with a little wasabi. Hayazushi only came about in the early 1800s. Narezushi is the original sushi with origins going back a millennium. It’s fermented in rice for a year, compressed with a heavy stone so that all air is kept out. Shiga prefecture’s Funazushi is made in the original method used many generations ago which means ー this is ancient food!
If you want to try what people ate 1,000 year ago, THIS IS IT!

The challenge is on! Can you take down a plate of year old funazushi?

Where is Shiga Prefecture and Otsu?
It’s a quick 10 minute train ride from JR Kyoto Station.

So you want to try Inoue-san’s funazushi? You’ll want to go here:
志じみめし 湖舟
Open from 10am to 4pm
In Japan, you can order it from Inoue-san and send it to your hotel, if you’re crazy enough.

Special thank you to the wonderful staff of BIWAKO OTSU TOURISM ASSOCIATION

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