Learn ‘Good, Better, Best’ – English Grammar Lesson for Mother’s Day

Learn 'Good, Better, Best' – English Grammar Lesson for Mother's Day

Listen to the irregular comparative and superlative forms of GOOD and BAD in model sentences. Practice: good, better, best / bad, worse, worst. Study with Alex and Natasha.

Intermediate grammar for children and adults.

0:09 Introduction
0:20 Lesson title
0:32 good, better best
0:45 model sentences
1:16 bad, worse, worst
1:28 model sentences
2:14 superlative forms
2:31 model sentences
3:07 word order (adjective + noun)
3:35 model sentences
4:00 comparisons with “than”
4:17 phrases with “best” and “worst”
4:51 Review
5:07 Lesson ending

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