Learn English Live – March 31st 2017 – English Lesson with Duncan – Friday live English chat

Learn English Live – March 31st 2017 – English Lesson with Duncan – Friday live English chat

Learn English – English lesson. live English lesson for Friday 31st march 2017. Today’s live stream is the 65th I’ve done. It’s April Fool’s day tomorrow. Have you ever been tricked or fooled? The new British Pound Coin was issued this week – What is its secret? I published my 500th video this week. I will feature an Ask Misterduncan clip, where I answer questions about English. At 3 o’clock I will go to my kitchen to make a drink. Another one of my video will soon reach 1 million views…will it happen today? An excerpt from one of my ‘Full English’ lessons. Flash words and phrases also today…plus news about something special happening during April. The live chat will be open for your comments on the SUPER CHAT box.

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