Hitching Out of Kumamoto to Fukuoka ☆ LIVE #05

Hitching Out of Kumamoto to Fukuoka ☆ LIVE #05

In Kumamoto, I went to the intersection of Route 1 and Route 3 to hitch a ride to Fukuoka. It was a good spot in some ways but also challenging. The road was well trafficked but but there was a bus lane that made it difficult for cars to stop.
What happens?

19:45 my phone falls to the groud

27:50 Half way through a man who speaks English and was with his family spoke to me and told me I should probably hitch to Ueki Interchange instead of looking for a direct ride to Fukuoka.
I changed the sign.

31:50 I write a new sign to Ueki IC thanks to the advice of a passer by.

39:21 A nice man who was watching the feed came out on his motorbike and offered a ride to Kumamoto IC.
He brought me a can coffee too!

42:00 Another man slowly drove by and stopped at the 7-11 and walked over to say he’d take me to Ueki IC. His name was Kazuhiro and we talked a lot until he dropped me off at the IC.

It only took 3 minutes for the next ride to stop.
Watanabe-san didn’t want to ride alone and we talked the whole way to Fukuoka where she drove me directly to mu hotel!

Amazing day!

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See you on the road!