Duncan’s LIVE ENGLISH – JAN 20th 2017 – Learn English With Misterduncan – Live Stream on TRUMPDAY

Duncan's LIVE ENGLISH – JAN 20th 2017 – Learn English With Misterduncan – Live Stream on TRUMPDAY

It’s LIVE ENGLISH – January 20th 2017 A day of change for the world. As Donald Trump becomes President Trump. How do you feel about this event? We talk live on the phone to my mum for analysis. Today’s 3 hour live stream will take us up to the moment it happens. Do you know any nursery rhymes? Recitation can be a very good way of improving your English. Were you a naughty child? There will be a giant floor word puzzle for you to solve. Flash words and phrases will pop up during the broadcast. Of course you are very welcome to join in with the live chat as the wold gets a new leader. Join me every Friday for Live English from 2pm UK time. Over 21,000 words were used in this lesson.

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