Rising Intonation – English Pronunciation with JenniferESL

Rising Intonation – English Pronunciation with JenniferESL

Click to watch Lesson 1 on falling intonation. https://youtu.be/kksfqYcYkeg

0:01 Stepping vs. gliding
1:25 Lesson title
1:35 Rising intonation with yes-no questions
2:03 When and how to step up in pitch
2:50 When and how to glide up in pitch
3:03 The importance of dropping before we rise
3:25 What does rising intonation express?
3:46 Making statements questions with rising intonation
4:16 A strong rise for more doubt or more uncertainty
4:33 Rising intonation with repeated WH- questions
6:23 Practice: Listen and repeat.
8:51 Practice on your own.
9:48 Lesson ending

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