Thanksgiving Prep – English Vocabulary in Context – Language Notes 23

Thanksgiving Prep – U.S. Culture & English Vocabulary with JenniferESL

Learn about the preparation that is done the day before Thanksgiving. Hear vocabulary in context!

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0:01 Introduction
0:17 Lesson title
0:24 Thawing the frozen turkey
0:47 Crimping pie crusts
1:38 Preheating the oven
1:48 Making the pie filling
2:35 Putting foil around the edges of the pie crust
2:49 Cornbread
3:14 The smells of food cooking
3:33 Why brownies?
4:05 Preparing the stuffing
4:48 Vegetable dishes
5:49 Bread crumbs
6:16 Getting out the good dishes
7:09 Cleaning the house
7:47 Lesson ending

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