Haku gets a new scratch board | Cat Scratch Pad DIY

Haku gets a new scratch board | Cat Scratch Pad DIY

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I’m not DIY professional. Just cat lover…professional. Our walls have had enough of Haku’s scratching so I made a DIY corner scratching board so he can’t scratch the wall anymore. If you can pay close attention in the video you can also see that we have space for the living room’s sliding door to shut right behind it, which was also intentional because Poki (our other cat) likes to open it and go inside when we don’t want him to. WELL NOW HE CAN’T. Jun 1, cats 438

The measurements for this scratch pad frame are here: http://imgur.com/a/RurjR

But first, you need to see what kind of scratching boards you can find where you live and measure them so you know how large to make your scratch pad frame. Adjust the measurements accordingly. Also, I used glue for wood to stick pieces together in addition to the nails. Because the scratching boards can be removed easily you can turn them around, and upside down, to make sure the cats make full use of them before throwing them away.

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