Date With Taylor In Odaiba | テイラーとデートしてきた

Date With Taylor In Odaiba | テイラーとデートしてきた


I visited Tokyo this week with my boyfriend, to visit his family, and while we were there, I absolutely NEEDED to see this DMM.Planets exhibition in Odaiba. It’s been popping up all over my instagram feed, looking so magical, so I called up fellow Canadian blogger Taylor R, who resides in Tokyo, and invited her along to see it with me.

It’s hard to convey the mystery behind the exhibition on camera, but you are lead through dark rooms, each with a unique theme that delights all the senses. We could have stayed in the light room forever, really. It was relaxing, psychedelic, and magical.

This a particular event ended yesterday, unfortunately, but Team Labo puts on very similar displays all over Japan (including one in Kyushu at the moment as well.) If you’re visiting Japan and can manage to find a Team Labo exhibit near you, I’d definitely recommend going.

Oh, and maybe make sure you don’t wear a skirt.

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