Being an Introvert in Japan | 日本では内向的な人が多い?

Being an Introvert in Japan | 日本では内向的な人が多い?

Coming at you from my dirty bland bedroom because it’s the only room with decent air conditioning right now. I was talking to a friend last week (who is also an introvert) about how when we try to explain our quiet dispositions to Japanese people, we’re usually met with denial, about how we couldn’t possibly be introverts because we’re not shattered shells of our former selves. There’s a bit of misunderstanding behind what an introvert is, and what it means here, but I think when you explore the meaning you find that introverts are actually well suited to life in Japan. This Ted Talk is very interesting though:

Susan Cain – The Power of Introverts スーザン・ケイン 「内向的な人が秘めている力」

I’m an INTP-T (Logician!) What is your personality type? Let me know in the comments!

私はINTP型(論理学者)の性格でした! 日本語で性格診断テスト (もちろん無料ですよ)あなたの結果もコメントで教えてー!



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