Art Vocabulary Lesson – English with JenniferESL & ThePortraitArt – Language Notes 19

Art Vocabulary Lesson – English with JenniferESL & ThePortraitArt

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Watch this lesson on words related to art with special guest Xiaonan from ThePortraitArt, one of the top-rated art channels on YT. Over 260 thousand subscribers visit his channel to enjoy amazing time-lapse videos that present his portraits as a serene, soulful experience.

0:01 Introduction
1:07 Lesson title
1:23 Meet ThePortraitArt!
1:53 Vocabulary set 1
2:28 What does the artist work with?
3:25 Vocabulary set 2
3:51 Where are his portraits shown?
4:18 Vocabulary set 3
4:55 How does the artist create his portraits?
5:22 Vocabulary set 4
5:56 Why does Xiaonan love portrait art?
6:34 More about the artist and vocabulary set 5
7:36 Lesson ending
7:42 Main word list for reference and review
8:00 Credits and links

Watch Xiaonan’s video of this portrait with his commentary. Learn about the approach he used to create this drawing.

Music credit: “Heavenly Thoughts” by Denys Rybkin.

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