Ichigo Daifuku | 苺大福作ってみた

Ichigo Daifuku | 苺大福作ってみた

(Thank you to Arigato Japan for letting us film during your cooking classes!)

Food is such an integral part of every country’s culture, cooking classes are a great way to take a bit of that culture home with you in the form of an acquired skill. If you have the time during your visit to Japan, definitely look into taking a cooking class! Shop around on google, and find a menu you like, or check out the ones below on Arigato Japan’s website:

- Arigato Japan Food Tours - Japan's No. 1 Food Tour
Make Delicious Food Memories in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima and Mt. Fuji. Expert guides and hidden gem experiences set us apart from other tour companies in ...

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Music By: Santo Rico – Twin Musicom, Easy Day – Kevin McLeod, EpicA-logue – Joe Bagale

I use a Canon Kiss 7xi and the standard EFS 18-55mm Lens to shoot all of my videos. ビデオブログで使うカメラは、キャノンのKISS 7xiと、基準のEFS 18-55mmレンズです。

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