3 Quick and Easy Tips to Improve your English

3 Quick and Easy Tips to Improve your English

Do you want to make studying English easy and fun? Are you looking for a way to use English in your real life? Watch this video to discover three tips guaranteed to have you learning fast and mastering your English while being productive in your life at the same time. These tips have been tried and tested by many language students, and I’m sharing them with you now! This is the closest it gets to complete English immersion, but best of all, you can do it from home, and it’s totally free! So what are you waiting for?


Hi. James from engVid. I would like to introduce to you three quick tips on learning English. It’s difficult to learn anything, let’s say, especially when you’re learning a new language. So if I can give you something that will make it… Learning faster and easier, I think that will make you happy.

So let’s go to the board and take a look at what I have for you here. So “3 Quick Tips”, this is Mr. E, my buddy, we’re together at all times. And the first tip I want to go to is reducing your stress. Well, when we reduce something, it means to make less. Right? And if you’re wondering what stress is, stress is a funny word. It means you are afraid of something. People use “stress” because they don’t usually know how to say what they’re afraid of, so they say: “I feel stressed.” If they don’t have a job, for instance, they’ll go: “I’m stressed. I have no job and no money.” What they’re really saying is: “I don’t have a job. I’m afraid I cannot buy my food, my house, or my clothing, so I feel stressed.” So we use “stress” for fear, because it makes you feel uncomfortable, and it’s hard for you to express it, so you say: “stress”.

So, we want to reduce your stress. I’m going to give you two hints, here, and one is going to be the opposite of the first one. It will seem crazy… [Aircraft noises]. See, now I’m stressed out, because that’s a jet fighter. I’m definitely stressed. Okay? I’m stressed, so I’m going to do this real quick, because I don’t have time for this now. Okay, reduce stress, reduce stress. So, relax.

First one: listen to music, watch TVs, and… Sorry, watch TVs. Watch videos, TV, and play games. Huh? Some of the best students I have ever had when I speak to them and go: “You learn pronunciation quickly, you’ve got this vocabulary, where did you get it from?” They’re usually like: “I don’t know, teacher. I, you… I play these games, they talk to me. I sometimes watch these videos, I sing with the videos. You know, I have to sound like the video. I love Michael Jackson. I, I just love it. It’s so… So much fun for me.” I go: -“How long do you do it?” -“I do it all the time, teacher. All the time, I do all day, all night.” So they practice, but because they’re having so much fun, they don’t think they’re working. And that’s the key, you have to practice a lot. But nobody wants to practice something that’s difficult and makes them afraid. Right? So, they do things they love doing, and then they come to learn English, and they say: “I know… Know English, but…” [Aircraft noises]. Okay, I’m getting stressed again. I’m going faster. But they learn quickly, and because they have a really good base or foundation knowledge, they can learn the rest of the English quickly and easily as well. And without stress, because they remember some of these words from the movies, the videogames, and the TV programs that they love. That’s a good way to learn. Okay, good. Ready?

The next one… [Aircraft noises]. Okay, they’re doing it to me. They’re increasing my stress. Okay, so they were increasing my stress. Notice when I stressed out, I spoke really, really, really, really quickly, like now? And you’re probably: “[Gasps]!” Well, here’s the funny thing: If you do that long enough, you get calm. I’m going to calm down now. I know the planes are coming, they’re coming again and again. We have an airshow going on right now. So I’m just going to relax. There’s nothing I can do. Now, in getting rid of that stress, you might notice I’m speaking a lot slower, a lot more relaxed, and it’s easier.

So, how do I increase my stress? One way to do it is take a sentence, read a book, and read that as fast as you can. I know you’ll be stressed out, because you’ll trip over the words… You’ll trip over the words, that means you’ll fall over the words because you’re not used to them, but then when you go at a slower speed, they will come out beautifully; nice, flowing, eloquent. You know? Beautiful. So, what we want to do is go faster, so when we go slower it seems nice.