Possessive Nouns, Inanimate Nouns – English Grammar with JenniferESL

Possessive Nouns, Inanimate Nouns – English Grammar with JenniferESL

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0:01 Talking about my laptop
0:37 Review: punctuation and possessive forms
1:01 Animals and possessive forms
1:16 Two or more people owning something together
1:29 Plural nouns ending in -S / People owning different things
2:41 Using apostrophes with inanimate nouns
3:31 Using ‘S to refer to a group of people and collective activity
4:49 Review of collective nouns
5:27 Using ‘S to state what is associated with a period of time
6:29 Using ‘S with time words to show an amount
7:53 Using ‘S to refer to parts of a whole
8:20 Using prepositions and noun modifiers
10:35 Questions for discussion (or an online search)
11:26 Lesson ending

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