Learn Slang: 10 SHIT Expressions

Learn Slang: 10 SHIT Expressions

“Shit” is a very common and useful word in the English language. In this fun slang lesson, you will learn some of the most common “shit” expressions that are often heard in movies, on TV shows, and in day-to-day life. Native speakers use the word “shit” in a variety of situations. Do you know what it means to be in “deep shit”? Have you been “up shit creek”? Learn these expressions to improve your vocabulary, and test your knowledge by taking the quiz.


Hello. My name is Emma, and in today’s lesson, I am going to teach you some expressions that might not be the most polite, but that are very, very useful and common, actually. These expressions all have to do with the word “shit”. As you may know, “shit” in English is considered a bad word or a swear word. Even though it’s considered this, many, many people use the word “shit” in many different ways. “Shit” is actually one of the most useful expressions, because you can use it when you’re angry, when you’re happy, to describe your house, to describe your car. There are so many different ways we use the word “shit”.

So, this video is actually called #2, and the reason why it’s called: “Talking More Shit: #2” is because I’ve made a previous video with a lot of other “shit” expressions, and I just found there were so many in English, I wanted to add more to your vocabulary. Just as an aside, just a side note, “number two” is actually another way we say “shit”. It’s actually a synonym of this. Okay? So, if you ever hear anyone talk about taking a number two, it actually means they’re taking a shit. Okay? So let’s get started and learn some more shitty expressions.

So, the first expression I want to teach you with the word “shit”… And I’m sure I’m going to say the word “shit” a lot in this video, so just keep that in mind. The first expression I want to teach you is: “Scared shitless”. Okay? So “scared shitless” means you are very, very scared of something. Okay? So it means you’re terrified, you’re so scared. An example of this is if you saw a ghost. Okay? “When I saw the ghost, I was scared shitless. I couldn’t move. I was scared shitless.” Have you ever seen a scary movie that has scared you shitless? For me, I guess it was the movie The Exorcist. That scared me shitless. Okay. So, very scared.

We have another expression with the word “shit”. “To be in deep shit”, “to be in deep shit”. So, if you are in deep shit, it means you are in trouble. Okay? If you are in shit, deep shit means you’re in a lot of trouble. So let’s look at an example. “I lost $10,000”-okay, imagine this-“at the casino.” So I spent all my money, $10,000 at the casino. Now I have a lot of problems. “I’m in deep shit.” It means I have a lot of problems. I have big trouble. Okay? Deep shit.

Another expression, very common expression actually, is: “shitload”. And you can talk about a shitload of something. “A shitload” means you have a lot. Okay? If I have a shitload of friends, it means I have a lot of friends. If I have a shitload of books, it means I have many, many books. Okay? Toronto has a shitload of people. Okay? I would never use these expressions maybe in front of my teacher; these are expressions I would use with my friends. And so, I might say: “Oh, yeah, Toronto has a shitload of people. It has a shitload of restaurants.” Okay. It means it has a lot. So, here’s an example with me: “I have a shitload of DVDs.” I have a lot of DVDs.

Our next expression is probably one of my favourites on this list. “When shit hits the fan”, okay. So: “Shit hit the fan”. What does this mean? When shit hits the fan, it means all these dramatic, crazy, insane things are happening. Okay? So, imagine this, imagine I went to work and at my work maybe five people, they don’t like their jobs, so they quit. So now maybe it’s just me and my boss. Okay? And then maybe my boss has a terrible day, maybe, you know, there’s a lot of trouble at my company, there’s a lot of problems. When my boss gets really angry, I can say: “Shit hit the fan.” When the situation becomes at its most insane, its most crazy, we say: “Shit hit the fan.” Okay? So let’s look at an example of this. “Shit hit the fan when Ken came to work drunk.” So, when Ken came to work drunk, the situation became very dramatic. Shit hit the fan. It became very dramatic. Okay? If you have two people who are married, and unfortunately, maybe one of the people has a secret girlfriend or boyfriend. When the person finds out about the secret boyfriend or girlfriend, that person’s going to be very angry. Shit will hit the fan. The situation will become very dramatic. Okay?

So, let’s look at some more shitty expressions. So our next expression is: “shits”, and that’s right, “shit” has an “s” here, just be aware of that. “Shits and giggles”.