Learn basic English vocabulary for cleaning your house

Learn basic English vocabulary for cleaning your house

http://www.engvid.com/ In today’s English lesson, I will teach you how to clean in English! You will learn vocabulary and special verbs we use to talk about cleaning. You’ll learn verbs like “wipe”, “sweep”, “wash”, “scrub”, “mop”, and more. This lesson is for beginners, so don’t be scared. Take the quiz on engVid.com and keep your house clean.


Hi, guys. Welcome to EngVid. I just want to say to you that I have the power. Anybody who watched He-Man will remember this. And if not, oh, well. I’ve got a lesson for you today, and it’s on cleaning. This, my friend, is a vacuum cleaner. Look at it. Elegant lines. [Spits] A little dirty, but we’ll clean that up in a second or two when we start the video. This is on a basic lesson for cleaning. There’s another video you should check out. It gives more phrases you can use with cleaning. Right? You will like that one, too. But anyway, let’s get moving, right?

There we are, over here. Mr. E. Oh, no. He has spilled something. “Spill” — what is “spilling”? A “spill” is when you have, you know, a liquid, and you drop it on the floor, and it goes everywhere. Sometimes, you can spill things like rice, sugar, or salt because they’re uncountable and they go everywhere like a liquid. “He has spilled his tea.” The cleaner isn’t happy. But I don’t think he’s using the right tool for this job. Do you? Do you know what this is called? Do you know what he should use? By the end of this lesson, you’re going to know that and a few handy phrases to show you are a native English speaker, yeah?

All right. So what’s happening in the picture? My friend is cleaning up the spill. But I think he’s using the wrong tool. Booyah! “Wipe.” The first thing we want to talk about is “wipe”. What is “to wipe”? Well, when you “wipe” something, you take a paper or a rag — you know cloth. Or — cloth, rag, paper. These are the things we use to wipe. It’s a soft movement where you just kind of do this motion or this to clean something. Okay?

Now, we wipe tables, and we wipe walls to clean them. Right? So when something’s not serious, you can wipe it. It will go away easily. Right? Unlike my last girlfriend. Anyway.

“Wash”, “wash”, what is “washing”? Well, you should wash your hands, right, to get them clean. But we also need to wash other things. One of the things we wash is after you eat your food, you have your knife and your fork, right, and a plate. You put them in water. All right? See our little water here? This is a sink. That’s where you put them, by the way. Did you know they’re called “sink”? This is called a “sink”. You put your dishes in the sink, and you wash them. Okay?

So we’ve got our sink. We also wash our clothes. You’re clean, right? I’m sure you don’t wear the same clothes all the time. You take them off. You put them in the machine. We call that a “washing machine”. Okay? So “wash” — you “wash” dishes; you “wash” your clothes. And that’s what we’ve got here. Another word for “clothes” by the way, boys and girls, “laundry”. A lot of times, we don’t say, “I’m washing my clothes.” In fact, we mostly say, “I’m doing my laundry”, but we’ll come back to that. Okay? So you’ve got “laundry” to wash.

Now, “scrubbing” — “scrub”. “Scrub” — I’m missing something here. Oops. Pardon me. You scrub, and it’s hard. Remember I said when you use a cloth, you use it for soft? “Scrubbing” is when you want to go really, really hard on something because it’s hard to clean. Now, what do we scrub? We scrub floors. Okay? You have dirt on the floor. You have to get down there and scrub it. You scrub your sink because remember, you’ve been washing things. You need to scrub to get the dirt out. It won’t come out with a wipe. Okay? There’s a lot of dirt there. Please, oh, please, tell me you scrub your toilet. Don’t wipe your toilet, okay? You know what you use it for, so you need to scrub that thing clean. Okay? Or don’t invite me to your house. Some of you have, but I noticed you only wipe your toilets. I’m not coming. Change that attitude — change your behavior, I’ll be there. Okay? And walls. Walls get dirty. People throw things; food goes on the wall. Especially if you have babies, it goes up on the wall. You need to scrub it because it goes into the paint. Okay?